Saturday, July 13, 2013


Handcrafting some Batarangs in the basement, just like that other guy.

Step One: He uses magnesium or something, but we start with Finnish birch plywood. After the basic shape is cut out with a jigsaw, we pencil in guidelines for the carving.

Step Two: We carve, sand and Dremel out a basic airfoil shape for each wing.
Step Three: Paint it black, of course.
Step Four: Fling it at some bad guy's head.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Knock, Knock

A recent logo project.

The Mighty Thor

This modern world- some fellow on the other side of the planet found my work online and asked me to do a sketch of the Mighty Thor.

The Lafayette Hotel

Buffalo's Lafayette Hotel has been lovingly restored- resurrected, really- by developer Rocco Termini and a cast of thousands. No detail was overlooked; of special interest to us illustrator types, the lobby men's room features gorgeous reproductions of Gil Elvgren's masterful pinups. Bonus: A close examination of the print above reveals that a clever Photoshopper has edited the signature on the young lady's billet-doux- it now reads, "All my love, Rocco."